Getting Started

Pre-seeded databases (dev dbs)

squashlabs, April 23, 2019

Squash makes it very easy to seed development databases. You can use your own sanitized data set or even clone production dumps (although in some cases this might not be recommend, see below). The way it works is based on importing a development db dump from any SQL or non-SQL database engines (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB,

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How it Works – Quick Intro

squashlabs, April 19, 2019

Squash works by creating unique testing URLs for each branch of code. This is by default integrated with Pull Requests (or Merge Requests in GitLab) in your favorite hosted version control system: GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. When you create a new Pull Request Squash will automatically post a comment like this: You can also manually

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Squash Deployment URLs

squashlabs, April 16, 2019

A Squash deployment consists of brand new virtual machines for each branch of code. Each deployment has its own unique URL. Structure of a Squash deployment URL: $ https://<branch-name>-<squash-unique-id> Example: For the example above we have the following: The original branch name in GitHub is cartv3_improvements. Squash automatically converts “_” to “-“ (dash) in

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