VMs per branch of code

A Squash deployment consists of a at least one unique virtual machine associated with a branch of code. By default, if you have only one unique web app within a repository, Squash will commission one virtual machine for each branch of code.

You can commission as many virtual machines as you like within your plan’s concurrency limit and limit of hours.

Squash also supports running multiple virtual machines for each branch of code, this is helpful when you have multiple independent apps within the same repository. For example, if your application has 2 different Dockerfiles then Squash will assign 2 separate URLs for each branch. Each URL runs on its own separate virtual machine. If you don’t use Docker you can still define as many applications as you like within the Squash YAML file.

For more information please visit the Squash YAML file page and how to define custom PR comments.

Each Squash deployment can also be configure with different amounts of memory, CPU and storage.

Squash Deployment URLs are also unique, visit this page for more details.