Core Features

Squash comes packed with the features you need for a better UAT process.

Dedicated VMs per branch of code

Squash assigns brand new virtual machines to each branch of code. This gives you piece of mind to ensure your QA cycles will run on fully isolated environments with their own dedicated resources.

You may also define multiple independent applications or microservices for each branch/repository and Squash will assign a unique deployment URL (with its own virtual machine) for each app.

Flexible VM sizes
& Storage

Each application running on Squash can be deployed on its own unique environment settings. From 1GB of memory up to 16GB. You may also resize the storage to tailor your needs.

Change VM Size & Storage on a per application basis (defined in the Squash YAML file), repository or branch.

Visit the pricing page for information on VM sizes

SSH/Shell access

Every deployment gets a unique SSH endpoint, giving you full flexibility to debug and customize deployments as needed.

Environment variables

You can define custom environment variables from the Squash admin interface or from the Squash YAML file.

Basic HTTP Authentication

Optional Basic HTTP Authentication on an account level. These credentials will become available for all deployments on all repositories. You may also define Basic Authentication within your application as needed.

Subdomain &

Squash supports a special syntax for dealing with any level of subdomains. This allows your application subdomains to still work with SSL/HTTPS without the need of separate SSL certificates.

Custom domains & custom SSL

Squash supports custom domains. You may associate one custom domain for all repositories or independent domains per application.

Notification of code changes

Once a deployment is up and running Squash can automatically notify when there are new code changes. You can restart the deployment anytime to get the latest version.

Stop wasting time managing QA environments.

Try Squash to save time and innovate faster.