Programming Languages and Software Stack

Squash works with any programming languages and software services supported in a Linux Environment.

You also need a Git code repository with a working web application. Squash supports unlimited public and private repositories on any of our plans, including the free plan.

Hosted Code Repository

Squash integrates with GitHubGitLab and Bitbucket. Squash only requests the absolutely minimum set of permission on each service.

For more details:

Application Build & Install process

Squash provides two methods for reliably deploying web applications:

  • Docker: Squash supports Docker natively. You can use a Dockerfile or docker-compose file. We also support multiple Dockerfiles or docker-compose files per repository.
  • YAML file: If you don’t use Docker you can also define complex build & install instructions in the .squash.yml file.
  • You may also use the Squash deployment UI to quickly get your first deployment without the need for a YAML file.