Customizing Deployments

Kubernetes Specific YAML fields

squashlabs, August 10, 2019

Back to the Squash YAML file page. Supported YAML fields The YAML fields below are supported on Kubernetes based deployments only. deployment_type This controls the deployment type: Docker or Kubernetes Mandatory field: Yes for Kubernetes. You need to set this value as “kubernetes” Data Type: Choices: kubernetes, docker Default value: docker For this example we

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squashlabs, July 22, 2019

Squash has native support for Kubernetes (k8s). Currently this option is only available through the Squash YAML file. In order to get started you need to add the deployment_type: kubernetes field in the Squash YAML file, for all applications that are Kubernetes based. Then use our Kubernetes specific YAML file fields to customize your applications

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GitLab Self-Hosted Setup

squashlabs, July 19, 2019

Squash has native support for self-hosted GitLab instances, all Squash features are available in this integration. To get start first go to the Squash Sign up page, click on “Signup with GitLab” and then “GitLab Self-hosted” in the next page. Then click on the highlighted link to setup your GitLab access: The next step is

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