Squash Deployment URLs

A Squash deployment consists of brand new virtual machines for each branch of code. Each deployment has its own unique URL. Custom domains and custom SSL certificates are also supported.

Structure of a Squash deployment URL:

$ https://<branch-name>-<squash-unique-id>.squash.io



For the example above we have the following:

  • The original branch name in GitHub is cartv3_improvements. Squash automatically converts “_” to “-“ (dash) in URLs.
    • Squash also strips any special characters from the branch name that can’t be used within the URL schema.
  • i3xg7 is the Squash unique ID assigned to this deployment.
  • Squash always keeps the same URL between deployments of the same branch. If you make changes to the branch’s code, open/close/re-open Pull Requests, the URL will still remain the same.