Starting your first deployment

Before starting, make sure you have at least one Git repository enabled in your account. Check out this page for more details on activating Git repositories.

Using the Deployment UI

To start your first deployment go to the Active Deployments page and then click on the “New Deployment” Button:


Then Select a repository and branch:

After you click “Next” Squash will look for a Squash YAML file or Docker in your repo. Just follow the steps in the screen as it will guide you to get up and running. Check out some more information on the Squash build process and setting up repos with multiple applications.

I can’t find a branch of code

Check this page if you can’t find a branch of code.


Deploying from a Pull Request

  • First go to a repository that is currently active in Squash.
  • Create a Pull/Merge request (PR) in the service of your choice (Github, Bitbucket or GitLab).
  • A Squash comment should appear a few seconds after creating the PR. This is how a standard Squash comment looks like: