Stop wasting
time managing
QA servers.

On demand test environments for web apps and microservices. Save time and iterate faster with disposable virtual machines for each branch of code.

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Why Squash

One Click
Faster user
Savings in
server costs
Less bugs

How it Works

1. Connect your
code repository

Connect to Squash through your GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab account.

2. Create a

Add new code to the repository and create a Pull Request. Squash automatically posts a comment with a testing URL.

3. View and Test

Squash launches a unique virtual machine to deploy your code when you open the link. View your changes live and test your application in a secure environment!

Supports any tech stack

Squash supports any programming languages,
databases, caching, web server, etc.
If it runs on Linux it runs on Squash.

Windows support coming soon.

We love microservices

Unique URL’s for each microservice
and much more.

It now takes 5 minutes to review
our changes - without Squash it
would take hours
Tom Dyson

The true cost of managing test environments

Managing development/QA environments is a hassle. Automation is key to reliable QA cycles.

200% more bugs

More bugs are introduced due to the lack of automation, outdated libraries, data issues or server resource constraints.

Time wasted

Teams waste time managing environments and dealing with environment specific bugs. A single bug can cause a ripple effect taking time from QA teams, product managers and developers.

Impacts delivery timelines

A single lost QA cycle due to environment specific issues can affect delivery timelines.

Scalability issues

As you add more team members and products you also need to commission and maintain more servers.

Server waste

Test environments are usually paid 24x7 but only used 30-40% of the time.


The Squash Solution

Squash brings a critical layer of automation to your development process, making dev and QA teams more efficient.

More automation means faster and shorter release cycles powered by reliable QA cycles.


Dedicated VMs per branch of code

Reliability, best performance and environment isolation.

Flexible VMs

Pick from any pre-made VM sizes from 1GB to 64GB of memory. Customize the storage on each VM size to tailor your needs.

Auto shutdown policies

Multiple auto shutdown options to ensure a balance between optimal cost savings and convenience.

SSH/shell access

A unique IP address and SSH endpoint to each deployment.


Got product cover images, profile pictures, dev db dumps or any assets that you need to share between deployments? We've got you covered.

Use Cases

Squash was designed from the ground up to support the most complex and modern web
applications of today and tomorrow.

Test/QA environments

Squash deployments are faster than regular development servers, more reliable and readily available only when you need them. One VM and unique URL per branch providing optimal test isolation.


Deploy complex applications using one or more microservices. Map each microservice port with a custom subdomain and access these services independently.

Demo Environments

Demo different stages and versions of your application without the hassle of managing servers. Setup and store demo data and keep it intact between runs with persistent storage.


Easily create and deploy variations of the same branch and test them out in parallel and share with clients and stakeholders.

Continuous Integration (CI)

An extra layer of automation on top of your existing CI process. Each Pull Request gets its own automatic Squash comment.


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Time Savings

Stop wasting time with manual test deployments, provisioning servers, managing backups, security and debugging server specific issues.

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Cost Savings

Save between 30 and 50% on server costs. No more paying for test servers 24x7. Squash deployments stay active only when you need them, and the number of deployments can scale up and down automatically.

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Squash Bugs

Not fully automating a test environment can lead to 2x more bugs, some of these bugs will hit production.

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Play nice with the Agile process

Squash allows development teams to spend more time developing high quality applications. Teams can now experiment earlier and iterate faster.


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