Host OS & installed packages

Host OS and installed packages

The host virtual machine where we deploy your Docker containers comes with an absolute minimum list of handy tools. These are not meant to be extensive since you can fully customize the environment within a Docker container to fit your needs.

Host environment details:

  • Operating System: Amazon Linux 2 (CentOS based)
  • Tools:
    • Git 2.x
    • Telnet
    • docker
    • docker-compose
    • make
    • cURL
    • OpenSSL
    • rsync
    • Wget
    • Python 2.x and 3.x

Need more packages or different versions of software? reach out to our support team and will be happy to evaluate your request.

Sudo and root access

Squash doesn’t grant sudo or root access within the host virtual machine. However, you have full control over how you setup your apps within the docker containers, including root access.