Account & Permissions

Squash offers three types of user accounts:

  • Admin
  • Technical Admin
  • Member

Admin Role

This is the default role for the first user in a personal or organization account. Admins have full access to the account, including billing.

Technical Admin

This role has the same access as Admin, except billing.


Members have access to the the following areas:

  • Deployments page
  • Historical deployments page
  • Cache
  • Assets
  • Settings: only the “Deployment Keys” section of the “General” page
  • No access to the Repositories page
  • No access to the Users page
  • No access to the Billing page

Changing a user’s role/permissions

  • First make sure you are currently under and organization account. The organization account selection is highlighted at the top-left of the screenshot below.
  • Then click on the “Users” menu in the sidebar

  • Click “Edit” for the user you want to have his role updated

Inviting new users to an organization

After you have signed up as an organization in Squash, all you have to do is to ask your team members to sign in with their GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket accounts. When these users sign up, Squash automatically detects when they are members of an organization and they will be able to see and manage the deployments on that account.

Removing users from an organization

User removal is also automatic and based on the active users in GitHub/Bitbucket/Gitlab. Once a user is removed from one of these services it gets automatically synced up (this process might take up to a few hours) and marked as inactive in Squash. Inactive users are no longer able to sign-in to their original organization in Squash.