Activating a repository in Squash

When you signup Squash will list all repositories it has access to in the settings -> repositories page:

Only active repositories can do the following:

Note: If a repository is inactive in Squash it will still work for any deployment URLs that might already exist for such repository.

Adding more repositories in Squash

If a repository is missing in this page it usually means you need to authorize it in GitHub.  Please check if you have authorized this repository in GitHub. Go to Settings -> Repositories. And then click on “Check my GitHub permissions”:

If you are missing organizations, please click on “Manage your organizations” and double check if you have authorized Squash to access the organization in GitHub:


For GitLab and Bitbucket, click on the  “Force a repository sync” button. You may also logout and login again to force a new sync of the repository permissions.

How to inactivate repositories in Squash

New repositories will be set as active in Squash by default. If you need to inactivate some repositories you can do so by going to Settings -> Repositories. And then click on “settings” for the desired repository:

Then uncheck the “Active” checkbox and click “Save”: