Slack Integration

How it works

The Slack integration works by sending a notification, to a Slack channel of your choice, every time Squash receives an error during the startup process of your deployments. Any errors that prevent Squash from getting a success response (such as build errors or timeouts) will trigger a notification.

Here is how a Slack notification from Squash looks like:

How to enable the Slack integration

Go to Settings -> General:

Then open the “Integrations: Slack: accordion:

After you click on the “Add a Slack Workspace” button Squash will ask you for the name of a channel to use as the default channel for notifications. This is optional. You can add as many workspaces as needed.

Once this process is finished you can now associate a Slack Workspace with your repositories in Squash.

Associating a Slack workspace with a repository in Squash

The last step to get Slack working with Squash is to associate the Slack workspace with a repository.

First go to Settings -> Repositories:

Then pick the desired repository and click on “Settings”:


Then expand the “Integrations: Slack” accordion:

Now you can specify the desired workspace and Slack channel to receive the notification. Make sure to check the “Enable Slack Notifications” field.