5 Ways to Optimize Your Days in 2024 with ChatGPT

Nikita Batyzhin

By Nikita Batyzhin, Last Updated: March 11, 2024

5 Ways to Optimize Your Days in 2024 with ChatGPT

Embracing the Future with ChatGPT

“New Year – new me”, is a common thing that we hear each year with the start of the New Year’s resolutions when we all aim to better ourselves in the upcoming year. Many focus on bettering our health, learning new skills, and honing our schedules to improve our quality of life. For some it’s not easy to know where to start – especially since starting something of such importance can be quite difficult.

In the fast-paced and dynamic era of the internet, it can be difficult to find accurate information. With so much overload of information, many struggle to find something that will be a great fit for them. Luckily, one revolutionary tool that came out over the last couple of years is an AI assistant – ChatGPT. With the help of the AI assistant, one does not need to worry about gathering information and can requests tailored to your preferences plan. With the entire internet at its fingertips, the AI assistant is capable of gathering and filtering the data available online and formatting it in a way that fits you best.

Tailor Your Workout Plan with the “Workout Generator”

The new year’s resolution typically starts with a new workout routine. Many wish to get into better shape, in which case what better way is there than going to the gym? This however does pose some difficulties because depending on your experience you do not know quite where to start.

Some of the common issues are as follows: should I do full-body workouts, a three-day split, or possibly a four-day split? To many the raw number of options and possibilities becomes overwhelming – they end up trying different machines, try to copy some workout plans, find themselves drawn to the cardio machines for fast results, and in the end become burned out within the first couple of months.

Luckily with the help of ChatGPT, we now have a personal trainer right at our fingertips. By providing your time frame, the possible number of hours that you can dedicate to the gym, experience, and desired goals, the AI can tailor special workouts that would fit you. Let’s dive into – the “Workout Generator”.

Accessing the Plugin:

The “Workout Generator” is one of the many brand-new plugins that were released over the last couple of months.  To access it, you will need to have access to the ChatGPT 4, but it is worth it.

You would need to go to the ChatGPT OpenAI site and go to the settings.

In the settings, you would need to enable the Beta Feature “Plugins” option. With the settings enabled, you will now have access to the plugins currently available in the “Plugin store”. After searching in the store for the “Workout Generator” and installing it, you will have access to countless training exercises. Just provide it with your goals, experience, your time availability, and it will tailor-make the workouts especially for you.

Don’t fear if you do not know how to do some of the exercises. The program provides amazing images demonstrating which muscle each of the exercises is targeting and how to do it. It even provides amazing videos of how to properly do the exercises if visual example is needed.

Unlock Culinary Expertise: Craft Personalized Meal Plan

We all had those days when you feel a craving in the afternoon, however, find the fridge empty. Luckily with the help of ChatGPT, you have personal chef knowledge right by your side. By providing it with information about what ingredients you have in the kitchen, ChatGPT will come up with some of the best recipes there are. Be it a quick craving or a full five-course meal, with the help of the online assistant you will never have to scram in search of something that could impress your family, friends, or possibly a date.

As a student starting to live on your own can be very difficult. Being responsible for your nutrition, we are finally tasked with constantly having to come up with some meal ideas. For many it’s tough since you don’t quite know where to start. You search online but for many recipes, they add a special twist to their cooking which you simply don’t need. With those online recipes, you constantly end up missing some of their key ingredients without which your dish could not possibly be as delightful as it can be. This initiates an endless running cycle to the grocery store every single time you decide to cook a meal.

With ChatGPT, it helps to put an end to all of the unnecessary running. As a student, finally have more sense of stability knowing that I have my meals planned out for the week. After ChatGPT assisted with my meal plan, finally felt like a new person, it’s one less headache to worry about.


On top of the meal recipes, it can also assist with meal planning and budgeting if you are on a diet or wish to organize your nutrition.

By providing it with a rough description such as what your budget is for different macronutrients, it can create a well-organized and thought-out meal plan that will ensure you are receiving all your necessary nutrients during the day. When trying to lose weight and not sure which diet to try, this approach can take some excess strain off your shoulders by making sure that the diet is not too extreme and will be able to provide you with joy as well as results. After all, we all want to get pleasure from indulging in cuisine, no matter the time.

Master Time Management: Optimize Schedule and Personal Assistance


We all have busy schedules and with the start of a new year, some decide to fix it. Many suffer from a shifted schedule when they go to bed too late and always end up waking up exhausted in the morning. Such a shift leads to postponing some of our tasks during the day as well as procrastination. As we skip out on tasks during the day, eventually it all cascades into a mess of chaos and disorganization. To assist with busy schedules and planning, we can use ChatGPT as a personal assistant:

Project planning:

If you have a project but are unsure where to start, ChatGPT can give you a hand. It can boost productivity by providing a rough overview of the project plan and some ideas for its components.


Sometimes it’s difficult to have group discussions that would bear fruit. More often than not, trying to brainstorm with a group in hopes of finding a solution to a problem can be time-straining and doesn’t always result in the most optimum of outcomes. With ChatGPT you will be provided with a fresh perspective that will bring a bunch of new and interesting ideas to the table that will take the brainstorming to a whole new level, possibly saving you a lot of time.

Creating Meeting Agendas:

It can be difficult sometimes to keep all of the meetings organized. With the help of ChatGPT, can help to create and organize the meeting agendas. With its help, you will be sure you are staying on track and won’t miss anything.

Help to Optimize Your Schedule:

Many of us struggle with our schedules, and sometimes we do not even know how to get everything done. When we are tasked with creating a schedule, more often than not we tend to be either too strict with ourselves or overly lenient. Despite which way we format our schedules, it always tends to start to crumble and fall apart not too long after its creation. ChatGPT can assist with time management by providing us with a well-formatted schedule that will space everything out well, providing an adequate amount of time for each task and allowing enough time for leisure activities. With the help of AI, we can ensure to have a well-balanced routine and limit the risks of burning out as well as straying from it.

Pocket Teacher: Acquire New Skills and Check Homework

In the fast-paced and evolving modern world, learning new skills is a crucial skill to keep up with the progress. Have you ever wanted to learn something new but didn’t quite know where to start? Well, ChatGPT can help out with that.

Learning new skills:

Starting something new can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t even know where to start. By asking the AI to assist you with it, it can generate a great study plan. It will focus on which topics are the best to target and how to progress through them. If any of the topics ever will give you a hard time, don’t sweat, since ChatGPT can help to explain the topics in smaller details. If things ever seem challenging, it can walk you through them until you master them yourself.

Homework checker:

On top of being a great teacher, it can also function as an excellent checker for homework and assignments. Providing it with your homework assignments allows it to assist with finding solutions. On top of helping, you solve them, it can also provide detailed explanations if needed. Often when studying for an exam and trying to do some practice questions, we find ourselves in a dead end. Such moments can be nerve-wracking and sometimes lead us to spiral out of control, unsure how to continue. By asking the AI to assist with the problem, it can present us with a detailed explanation and a solution. This allows us to copy the AI’s method of solving it and see where we were going wrong. Such a way of learning from experience can be very beneficial and time-saving.

Explore New Perspectives: Personal Help and Recommendations


In the modern day of tech, many of us are faced with constant personal issues which include loneliness. As tech develops, much is more accessible from the comfort of one’s home. Many show a preference for the introverted lifestyle and become isolated from different aspects of the world. As a result, many develop social skills and an inability to communicate properly with others. Such development leads to a vast amount of the modern generation suffering from loneliness and social issues.

Due to these developments, many companies have focused their AI research on generating AI partners. They focus on communication with individuals and attempt to provide support through their hardships. As a result, many find solutions to their solitudes in their partner AIs. This however is not the only way that they can be used to assist with personal issues:

Therapy discussions:

while ChatGPT is not designed as a therapy AI, it can still partake in discussions. It can attempt to help guide you through some of the hardships. While it is not optimally designed for it, some people who do not wish to deviate to multiple different platforms will find convenience in the well-roundedness of ChatGPT.


In the loneliness of the modern day,  communication is simple yet difficult. Some people who have frustrations would find benefit in just partaking in discussions with the AI as a form of socializing to some extent.


Did you ever finally finish a TV show and was not sure what to watch next? Or did you ever finish a nice book and were not sure of what to read next? Don’t fret, ChatGPT can assist with that. By inquiring to provide some recommendations based on an actor, film type, or even a film comparison, ChatGPT can generate a list of some of the best choices that will certainly help.

Music Recommendations:

With the release of the plugin PlaylistAI, gone are the days of being stuck with the same old music. Finally being able to experience some new hits without having to suffer for hours searching for songs. After overplaying that one favorite playlist and needing a fresh start but not quite knowing where to start, we can use the new plugin to request ChatGPT to assemble and provide a playlist based on your tastes as well as requests.

These assistant tools are improving every day. The music recommender however does not just generate a list of songs that it believes will fit you best. The Music Generator on top of it all, also provides a link to a Spotify playlist. At the link, there will be an assembled playlist already waiting for you. Gone are the days when you will be surfing the internet for hours on end in search of a song.


The modern tech world is opening the doors to lots of new developments. For some who like to take it one step at a time, it would be beneficial to start with ChatGPT. With the release of plugins, ChatGPT has upgraded its performance and only time will show to what heights the development will take it. As ChatGPT is right now, it offers amazing utility and the ability to assist us with our everyday tasks. With its help, we can meet our New Year Resolutions head-on, certain that we are not alone in our conquests.

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