Top 10 AI Assistants for Teachers in 2024


By squashlabs, Last Updated: January 23, 2024

Top 10 AI Assistants for Teachers in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of addressing some of today’s pressing issues in the education system.Technological advancement allows educators to reinvent teaching and learning methods. Perhaps you have already heard of ChatGPT, a popular AI tool used by students to help with essay-writing and problem-solving tasks. Well, despite the students’ indulgence in plagiarism through the use of this AI tool, there are still numerous benefits from this algorithm. Educational institutions have developed ways in which they can detect ChatGPT writing used by students.

Further, as technology is becoming increasingly prominent in the modern world, many teachers are turning to AI to save time on creating dynamic, engaging presentations

Classpoint AI

If you’re a teacher who relies on Powerpoint to present lessons, then this AI tool is perfect for you! Classpoint AI uses information on the slides to generate questions for students to reflect on. AI-generated questions can easily turn into quizzes for students to interact with to prove their learning. Relying on this tool can help to save time when preparing course material and student engagement.

Here are some key features Classpoint AI can help with your powerpoint slides:

  • Efficiently produce questions from a powerpoint slide
  • Develop different quiz types to engage, and evaluate students
  • Can collect live responses from participating students

Why do it on your own when Classpoint AI can help make your powerpoint presentations interactive. To make it all the more appealing, it’s completely free! A simple subscription and you can unlock Classpoint Pro.

Pricing: free

Education CoPilot

Education CoPilot is an AI tool that every teacher needs to have in their classroom. With the busy hours of the school day, it may be difficult to juggle through the never ending tasks – that’s why this AI exists! Designed to generate efficient lesson plans within seconds, this AI has been increasingly popular among teachers in educational institutions.

This software helps teachers design their curriculum, lesson plans, and activities. Also, it helps teachers track their students’ progress, create custom learning plans tailored to the needs of each independent student, and automates administrative duties! Wow, what’s to

Here are just a few things Education CoPilot can do for you:

  • Draft handouts and assignments
  • Customizable lesson plans
  • Generates templates in seconds
  • Create student reports tailored to each student

Plan your classes with ease by allowing Education Copilot to help with lesson plans and academic handouts and numerous other tools. Time efficiency is one of the most important strengths for teachers to attain and this AI assistant is sure to help establish that.

Pricing: $10 per month


This tool offers teachers an AI-assistant to grade assessments, both online and in-person. It’s an efficient software to provide students with detailed feedback on written assignments, exams and homework. Integrating this grading-AI can help teachers speedily assess students’ work, write feedback and return them all within a short-time frame!

Here are a few things Gradescope can do for you:

  • Grade online or in-person assessments
  • Provide efficient feedback to students on time
  • Can grade different subjects, including assessments with lengthy responses
  • Get statistics for each question to assess how your students are doing.

Pricing: $1 to $5 per student each month

Formative AI

Formative AI is a tool that can help teachers assess students’ academic performances by providing constructive feedback and speedy grading. The platform can also let teachers know students strengths and weaknesses as they work through the semester. This information can help teachers adjust future lessons to support students’ needs.

Here are some things Formative AI can do for you:

  • Assess and grade students work
  • Use grades and assessments to provide students with feedback
  • Provide a variety of assignment options for teachers to test students on

Help create the perfect teaching environment by using Formative AI to develop assignments and reliable lessons. Let this AI helper lift some weight off your shoulders by producing lessons and quizzes with little effort from your end!

Pricing: free


With AudioPen, you can boost productivity by saving time writing and organizing lesson notes! AudioPen generates voice recordings into ready-to-go summarized texts! Even those random spitballs where you say something so good but forget can be turned into structured notes using this AI-generator.

Here are a few things AudioPen can do for you:

  • Convert voice recordings into cohesive, readable notes
  • Can create clear notes from rambling

Allow AudioPen to do your thoughts justice by generating them into clear notes worthy of being used in the classroom. This AI tool is sure to help you sort your lesson plans by acting as an organizer for those random spurs.

Pricing: $75 yearly


This AI tool is programmed to help teachers design lessons that are interactive and focused on multiple topics. All that is required from teachers is to write a simple topic that they wish to teach about, and Curipod will generate an entire lesson. These AI-generated lessons are also equipped with interactive learning tools for students to stay engaged.

Here are just a few features you can enjoy with this AI:

  • Generate engaging lessons using simple key words
  • Lessons incorporate interactive tools such as: polls, open-questions and mini-quizzes
  • Teacher can create check-ins to be engage with students

Engage your students in activities that will draw them to engage in discussion, encourage reflection on previous lessons to spark their curiosity. You have the ability to enhance your learning environment by introducing interactive lesson slides, making it easier for students to follow the flow of.

Pricing: $7.50/month


Save the time and stress with this AI tool as it helps to develop quizzes and detailed lessons according to students’ unique learning styles. Simply drag your lesson slides here and edit using the many tools Quizizz has to make them further interesting for students to interact with.

You may indulge in these features while using this algorithm:

  • Test students through quizzes created by student responses
  • Create interactive content in minutes
  • Lessons/quizzes can be administered in, and outside of school

Relying on this AI tool to develop quizzes within the academic year can help teachers invest time in other course-related work. It’s also a really good idea to strengthen course content by using this AI assistant to check over quizzes and covered concepts.

Pricing: $19 per month

Eduaide AI

Eduaide is an AI-powered assistor that helps to plan and develop lessons while having access to a variety of resources. This software is highly inclusive as it can translate in over 15 languages to support international students. Using the available resources in this program can help to create syllabus and discussion questions. For additional support, a teaching assistant can aid with developing program plans and create lists for students viewing.

Here are a few features available to you using Eduaide AI:

  • Ability to translate in over 15 languages
  • Can help formulate course syllabus, lesson plans, assignments
  • Helps give students efficient feedback on time
  • Create assessments using different questioning styles

Don’t let course preparations take your time away from interacting with your students. This AI resource provides more than 100 learning options to choose from, so there’s no way you’ll find yourself struggling!

Pricing: $6 per month


This AI tool helps teachers generate essential questions that can be used towards assessments. It is extremely easy to use, all you are required to do is type a bit of information from course material you wish to grade using, and the AI will produce related questions. This question assistant helps you work smarter by saving time on school work, while also creating insightful quizzes for your students to challenge themselves with.

Key features QuestionWell can provide for you are:

  • Helps form quiz questions and realistic learning outcomes
  • Use a multiple choice questioning style to present assessments

This AI software is driven by the phrase: “work smarter, not harder”, and really puts it into practice. Making the most of this AI assistant will help teachers work efficiently when planning quiz content. The addition of QuestionWell makes it easier for instructors to put effort towards other class-related preparations.

Pricing: $7 per month


Conker helps alleviate stress from teachers by providing tools that create quizzes. Teachers have the opportunity to design quiz formats in either multiple choice, fill in the blank or read and respond format. Questions created are solely based on the content teachers paste into the AI system.

Here are some features that you will have access to:

  • Can generate quiz questions in different format styles
  • Can easily share/import content created here onto other softwares (ie., google docs)

Maximize teaching time by utilizing tools this AI quiz generator offers. Keep track of your students’ progress and use it as feedback to construct future grading assessments.

Pricing: free


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