Top 12 AI Content Creation Tools of 2024


By squashlabs, Last Updated: December 17, 2023

Top 12 AI Content Creation Tools of 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can help in data collection, analysis, and research, resulting in more thorough and accurate content. Content producers may produce more content in less time by automating repetitive operations, streamlining their workflow, and leveraging AI-powered solutions. Although AI powered content creation tools are so prominent, they are not used to completely replace humans. However, by using AI, you can produce more content efficiently. This implies that you may experiment with more content to see what works best for your audience and, eventually, achieve more success with your content strategy much more quickly. In this blog, you will be exposed to the most popular and effective content creation tools of 2024.


We will first start with the most well known AI content creation tool. The fact that most people associate AI with ChatGPT indicates how impressively this tool has evolved. First off, ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP) chatbot that can generate and comprehend material such as blog entries, social media posts, and more in the form of human conversation. It works great for brainstorming and coming up with ideas for blog posts, social media posts, and outlines. You can instantly receive some useful prompts by typing your exact search terms into the chat window. These can then be expanded upon. If you are asking informational inquiries on ChatGPT, it is important to constantly double-check with credible sources because the information may not be entirely true or historically accurate. In other words, going to ChatGPT solely for homework help might not be the best idea.

OwlyWriter AI

OwlyWriter AI is a service that helps people post content on social media quickly and easily by providing caption suggestions and post ideas instantly. OwlyWriter saves you hours of work by providing detailed content in response to prompts that you submit. It works well for crafting fresh social media captions in the voice and style you like, and is also useful for writing posts that are based on links, such as product pages or blog posts. Additionally, OwlyWriter can provide post ideas based on a term or subject, from which you can choose your favourite and write an expanded post. Finally, it can assist you in identifying and repurposing your best-performing posts as well as in crafting appropriate descriptions for forthcoming holidays.

You have the option to get inspiration if you are having trouble deciding what kind of material you want to create. In other words, you can use OwlyWriter to generate a list of article ideas by typing in the general topic you’re looking for material about. You can keep going through this process until your social media schedule is packed since OwlyWriter never runs out of ideas!


Jasper AI is used to create text, translate across languages, compose a variety of creative works, and respond to your inquiries in a useful manner. Its area of expertise is writing text for scripts, social media, articles, and other purposes. Jasper stands out for its grasp of tone, guaranteeing consistently authentic writing that sounds like you. Jasper allows you to translate material into 30 other languages in addition to creating content. This means you may translate content to increase your worldwide reach and generate and outline new ideas for content. Additionally, Jasper has integrations with Google Docs and other well-known programmes, or you can create your own using their API.

You may also generate both long-form and short-form content with Jasper. Thus, you will have the ability to create landing pages, social media postings, PPC text, and blog posts, among other things. In addition to more than fifty templates, the application offers users “Recipes” that combine templates to create larger assets (such as eBooks or video scripts, for instance). Although there is a free trial, you cannot use it indefinitely for free. The initial monthly subscription cost is $49 for 35,000 words. For those who want more, the “boss mode” costs $99 a month for 100,000 words.

Businesses can create ad text and other types of marketing content with the aid of is a tool used by many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to generate different types of marketing content and expand their companies. Similar to that, content teams may 10x their productivity with, a feature-rich tool, without compromising quality. It accomplishes this by giving customers access to more than 90 tools and templates that walk them through the creation of landing pages, blog articles, social network postings, pay-per-click (PPC) ad material, and more.

Businesses can create ad text and other types of marketing content with The most well-known use of this software is for creating lengthy blog posts. You may create outlines (with Headings and Subheadings) with the Blogging Wizard in only two clicks. You can then make adjustments to the outcomes to make sure your initial draft closely matches your intended article. Furthermore, you can quickly create an entire article after your plan is complete. benefits more than simply the writers in your company, as you can utilize it to create content for every facet of your company. It will also automate time-consuming tasks in your process. offers a free subscription that allows customers to produce 2,000 words each month. However, the cost is $49 a month if you want to produce an infinite number of words.


Heyday is a next-generation live chat system that allows for highly personalized client engagements while combining the power of artificial and human intelligence to offer the best possible customer experience. In other words, Heyday facilitates the interaction between customers and your actual customer support representatives. Simple requests like getting tracking numbers and shipment statuses can be handled by it, as well as more complex jobs like making product recommendations based on what customers are saying. Less waiting time is required to speak with a human when discussing urgent matters or more complex interactions when Heyday is used to automate those lower-complexity jobs.

Heyday can let you create an interactive FAQ area, provide 24/7 customer support without recruiting more people, and free up your human customer service representatives’ time for more complex inquiries. However, since many problems cannot be resolved by AI alone, it is not the greatest option for completely replacing human customer support professionals.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds. If you only work with short-form content, Rytr is a really effective tool. You can use it to create text for emails, PPC ads, social media posts, product descriptions, and other smaller items. With the integrated plagiarism detector in this program, you can be sure that everything you do is original. It provides customers with a choice of up to 20 distinct “tones of voice” and supports more than 30 languages. This saves you time in determining the ideal look for the voice of your brand.

Though they probably won’t be sufficient for content marketing teams, the Free and Saver plans are good choices for anyone wishing to test the software. This is because your production will consume word restrictions considerably more quickly with Rytr as it is charged based on characters rather than words. On the other hand, users can create as many characters as they’d like with the Unlimited plan. The monthly cost of the unlimited plan is $29. A small number of AI-generated images are included with every plan, which is useful for blog and social media posts.


With MarketMuse’s comprehensive content analysis, you can recognize the advantages and disadvantages of your current material. You may develop a strong content strategy that complies with the requirements and search intent of your target audience by identifying content gaps and opportunities. You have access to a potent AI-powered tool with MarketMuse that creates SEO-optimized content outlines for you. It gives you ideas for keywords, headings for sections, keywords that are semantically linked, and other on-page SEO elements. Data taken from posts that rank in the top 10 places on Google is used to support each recommendation. By doing this, you may better match the search intent of your users and increase the likelihood that your content will rank higher.

Additionally, you can use MarketMuse’s AI-powered optimisation tool on your current material. This will contrast your material with other well-written pieces centred around the same keyword. After that, MarketMuse will recommend additional relevant keywords and ways to improve your content for regular updates. You may create outlines and change your material for postings of higher quality in a fraction of the time with this software. There is a subscription that starts at $149 a month, as well as an eternally free option with different limits.


Canva is a popular online visual editing tool that has added features for document design, presentations, small websites, and more in recent years. Over the past year, Canva has, like other applications, added a slew of AI-powered content creation features that they refer to as “Magic Design.” Magic Design provides you with corresponding templates, such as social media templates, quotation graphics, documents, and more, if you upload any current media. This facilitates the rapid repurposing of information across several platforms while maintaining the strengths of each platform. Magic Design may also be used with text prompts, allowing you to quickly build an infographic, organize a presentation, and more. Moreover, you can quickly edit photographs using AI objects, do background removal, and many other techniques.


With features like automatic transcription, background noise reduction, remote interviewing, silence removal, and more, Podcastle is a useful tool for podcast creators. Additionally, it is an AI-powered podcast editing and recording tool for YouTubers and podcasters who exclusively do audio or who mix video and audio. Virtual interviews with a maximum of ten participants can be conducted while recording both audio and video feeds. Podcastle’s AI audio editing feature automatically mutes quiet parts, makes recommendations for where to cut clips, reduces background noise, and makes sure all of the tracks are at the same volume.

Podcastle is a simple and low learning curve option to create a podcast if you’ve never edited audio or video in a program like iMovie or Premiere Pro. Similarly, Podcastle’s user-friendly audio and video editing features make it a great platform for launching a new podcast. You can also produce material that sounds like you due to advanced AI voice copying.


Content writers may boost productivity, get beyond writer’s block, and hone their writing abilities with Writesonic , an AI-powered writing tool. You can produce both long-form and short-form content with this application (blog articles, landing pages, product descriptions, etc.). It has everything you would anticipate from an AI writing tool, like support for many languages, priority access to new features, and integrations with SEO tools. Writesonic modifies its prices based on both the quantity and calibre of the words produced. For your output, you have four options: economy (the least expensive), average, good, and premium (the most expensive). A limited-time, perpetually free plan is also available.


Grammarly is a well-known typing aid that checks English writings for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery issues; it also looks for plagiarism and offers alternatives where necessary. Grammarly polishes all of your text-based material using the most recent advancements in AI technology. It offers recommendations based on a variety of factors, including tone of voice, regional spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. It also includes a plagiarism detector to guarantee that all of your writing is original. The majority of the tools you already use are compatible with Grammarly. Grammarly may be used immediately on Google Docs, emails, drafts of WordPress posts, and even mobile devices. Similarly, it is more than just another “spell checker”; rather, it is an AI-driven editing helper that guarantees your material is as polished as possible. Grammarly offers a free plan that lasts indefinitely.


HubSpot is a CRM platform that’s designed to scale with your business. The marketing, sales, customer support, operations, and content management tools you need to give your clients the greatest possible experience are all included in the HubSpot CRM platform. It also provides an abundance of AI content production capabilities. It may be used to write content for social networking platforms, make CTAs, and build persuasive marketing communications. It’s also a useful option for brainstorming content ideas, and the paragraph generation tool comes in handy when needed. HubSpot is ideal for everyone who experiences writer’s block. Depending on the user, different HubSpot AI solutions have different costs. Before using these tools, a custom price quote must be obtained. There is a free trial accessible, and it is an excellent option for digital marketers and content brainstorming.

AI tools are currently used in a variety of ways by content marketing teams. As you can see, there are many different types of content creation tools to choose from, whether you are interested in generating blogs, or in need of assistance with business operations. Although you can’t completely rely on AI tools to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to producing content, they can be effectively utilized to speed up the process of idea and outline generating.


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