8 Best AI Detection Tools in 2024


By squashlabs, Last Updated: January 24, 2024

8 Best AI Detection Tools in 2024

You may have heard of the saying: there are two sides to the coin. Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just like that – the increasingly widespread use of AI is a wizard and an enormous asset to many teachers, businesses, and journalists alike – but there is also an ulterior view to consider.

Besides its potential unethical nature, sometimes AI-generated content can be unreliable and straight-up inaccurate. Afterall, the rise of this technology has devoted previously human-designed tasks to the “hands” of AI. Though it has genuinely improved manufacturing, efficiency, and productivity; not all tasks should be given to AI. Ultimately, the human-mind can create wonders incomparable to the algorithm of AI.

For instance, consider this: you are a teacher or professor, and you have assigned your students a very critical research paper that applies relevant educational concepts to their work. When you read over their paper, it seems to be very general and fails to display the students’ application of their knowledge.

In cases such as this, AI is not seen as favorable. In certain cases, the use of AI is strictly prohibited, including educational institutions.

As AI technology advances substantially, recognizing the presence of artificial intelligence becomes incredibly difficult. This is where AI detection comes in  – they analyze texts and images to discover whether they were created by AI or humans.

This blog discusses 8 unique AI detection tools to differentiate between human-and-AI generated content.


Copyleaks empowers originality and inspires authenticity. These are values that are crucial for the user to have embedded within their work because that is what makes their work unique to them. This is a great tool that can analyze the content uploaded and detect whether or not the data is human-written or AI-generated.

In addition to checking the authenticity of the content, Copyleaks also has a plagiarism detector feature that allows users to identify any potential plagiarism. This is an excellent feature to have as it encourages users to paraphrase the information they want to get across in their own words. Copyleaks also has a grammar check feature which will point out any grammatical errors that will strengthen the power of the paper.

Here are just a few things Copyleaks can do for you:

  • AI content detector in up to 30 languages across other AI-generated source codes such as ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and more
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Grammar checker
  • Fully customizable API integration
  • High levels of data security and privacy

Copyleaks has been embraced by over 100 countries, over 1000 institutions, and over 300 enterprises. This growing fame has allowed Copyleaks AI content detector to continue its work of detecting AI-generated work across other AI platforms such as YouChat, ChantGPT, or Chatsonic. Copyleak was one of two AI detectors that correctly identified AI-generated work which showcases its reliability.  If you’re looking for a reputable and consistent AI detection tool, make sure to check out Copyleaks.

Pricing: AI + Plagiarism detection ($14.17/month), Plagiarism detector ($9.17/month), AI content detector ($8.33/month)


ZeroGPT is a simple and credible AI detector tool. It uses DeepAnalyse technology that analyzes the text to determine if its origin was written by an AI through its comprehensive deep learning collection of expensive texts from across various sources. This technology optimizes accuracy and minimizes false positives and negatives to make sure its work is highly accurate. Since ZeroGPT is a useful tool for AI detection, this makes its audience range from teachers, students, employees, freelancers, copywriters and so much more.

Here are just a few things ZeroGPT can do for you:

  • AI content detector – highlights the sentences and gives a percentage of the AI inside the text
  • Batch files upload – allows multiple files to be uploaded at once and they are checked automatically
  • Generated report – automatically generated report summarizes every AI detected
  • Supports all languages
  • High accuracy score – analyzing more than 10 million text has led to an 98% accuracy of text detection

ZeroGPT has been used by millions of users worldwide and also by multilingual users. The diversity displayed by ZeroGPT enables all audiences to have access to this amazing AI detection tool. If you’re looking for a credible AI detector, make sure to check out ZeroGPT.

Pricing: Free version ($0/month), Pro version ($9.99/month) Plus version ($29.99/month)

Winston AI

Winston AI is the most trusted AI detector in the industry leading AI content detection. As the AI industry is evolving, Winston AI has reached a 98% accuracy rate in AI detection. This will help to ensure that originality and integrity remains within your writing. Winston AI allows you to categorize and organize your documents and files, check your text for AI, and get results in a matter of seconds.

Here are just a few things Winston AI can do for you:

  • AI content detector – works with AI writing tools
  • Plagiarism checker – plagiarism detection technology to identify plagiarism
  • Readability score – quantifies the complexity of the content so that the user can adjust their work accordingly
  • AI detector chrome extension – allows you to check AI-generated content from anywhere, and there is an additional 1000 extra credits provided to you from installing it

Winston AI strives to remain ahead of the AI content detection, and so it has been set up with a large dataset to minimize false positives and is updated on a weekly basis to keep its detection algorithm on par. If you’re looking for an AI detection tool that is ahead of the other AI detection platforms, check out Winston AI.

Pricing: Essential ($18/month), Advanced ($29/month)


CrossPlag is a AI content detector that flags work that has been AI generated. It gives precise and accurate predictions to enforce the idea of keeping originality within text. CrossPlag uses machine learning algorithms to promise precise predictions which helps to reinforce accuracy. It also has a vast amount of data content that has allowed this AI detector to learn the AI-patterns of writing in text which has helped to make AI detection easier. CrossPlag is affordable, customizable, and easy to use which makes this AI detection tool advantageous to have.

Here are just a few things CrossPlags can do for you:

  • AI content detector
  • Data security – analyzes content in real-time and does not store your data
  • Plagiarism detection

Ever since AI-generated content became a threat to academic integrity, CrossPlags was designed to enforce academic honesty and authenticity of work. Thus, this AI-detection tool serves as a beneficial tool for students to check their academic writing, and to enforce students to use their own original ideas to help them succeed. It is useful for a wide range of teachers, writers, bloggers, and more. If you’re looking for an AI detection tool that is ahead of the other AI detection platforms, check out Winston AI.

Pricing: Flexible pricing – Pay-as-you-go ($30), Base subscription ($14.95/month)


Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR) is an AI detection tool that conducts a forensic analysis of the text to identify any AI-generated text. It is based on the GPT-2 technology that analyzes the likelihood of every word to be linked with AI by examining the content prior to assess what kind of content sequential words an AI would generate. This state of the art technology certainly helps with AI detection, and eases my doubts about its strength.

Here are just a few things GLTR can do for you:

  • AI content detector
  • Color-coded text for easy navigation
  • Assess the position of words to identify if it was AI-generated

GLTR operates on a color code basis to make text easier to navigate. It will flag a word as green if it is within the top 10 AI predictions, and yellow if it’s within the top 100 AI predictions, and red if it’s within the top 1000 predictions. If you’re looking for an in-depth text analysis AI detection tool that will flag AI-generated text, check out GLTR.

Pricing: Free

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an AI detection tool that has been trained to distinguish AI-generated text by the input of content across various platforms such as blog posts, wikipedia entries, and many articles. This makes it easier to identify AI-generated text by tools such as ChatGPT and Claude. It operates on a color-code basis which makes it effortless to read the section that is most likely generated by AI as green indicates human origin, red suggests AI-generated, and yellow indicates robotic sounding text that needs to be reworded.

Here are just a few things Content at Scale can do for you:

  • AI content detector
  • Color-coded AI text identification that indicates different meanings for the user to make note of and change to strengthen the value of their work
  • Analysis of each sentence

Content at Scale has a 98% accuracy rate in identifying AI-generated text and promises it can decipher between human written text and AI written text. It uses natural language processing and understands artificial language structure to reach this high accuracy level. If you’re looking for an AI detection tool that analyzes every word in your text, check out Content at Scale.

Pricing: Free, Pro Version ($49/month)


Originality.ai is a AI content detector and a plagiarism checker which allows for both tasks to be completed at once. It identifies AI-generated text by other platforms such as ChatGPT, Bard, or other AI tools that are well-known. Originality.ai works well with teams since it has innovative options like sharing results, viewing scan history, and adding coworkers to the platform. This aspect makes Originality.ai appealing for content marketing agencies but all are welcome to use this AI-generated detection tool.

Here are just a few things Originality.ai can do for you:

  • AI content detector
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Innovative options – sharing results and adding coworkers to the file
  • Readability tests

Originality.ai provides a complete toolset to help website owners, writers, publishers and more. It allows you to keep your content original by managing big teams as it has the option of adding an unlimited number of team members. It also has the ability to foster large amounts of content with unlimited scans while promising less false positives. If you’re looking for an AI detection tool that will allow you to publish your work with integrity, check out Originality.ai.

Pricing: Pay-as-you go ($30 for 3000 credits), Base subscription ($14.95/month)


Undetectable.ai is an AI content detector that scans your writing and identifies AI-generated context and it also has the option of humanizing any AI-generated parts of the writing. This additional feature deems Undetectable.ai as a valuable AI-detection tool if it also has the ability to alter the style of AI-sounding text into more human-sounding text.

Here are just a few things Undetectable.ai can do for you:

  • AI content detector
  • Ability to humanize any AI-generated sounding texts

Undetectable.ai is a simple yet powerful tool designed for writers as it uses precise detection to detect AI-written content and has been deemed with award-winning accuracy. Its analysis works across multiple detectors that helps it find the specific AI-generated text. If you’re looking for an AI detection tool that will allow you to publish your work with integrity, check out Originality.ai.

Pricing: Free (limited options, no text humanizer), Yearly ($5/month), For business (contact for pricing)


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