Top 12 AI Image Generators of 2024


By squashlabs, Last Updated: December 6, 2023

Top 12 AI Image Generators of 2024

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has gained popularity in the modern era mostly as a result of the remarkable breakthroughs and advances in technology. Because of this, artificial intelligence solutions are available for nearly anything and assist people with everyday tasks like work, school, and leisure. This blog will introduce the best AI image generators of the year and provide you with helpful tips and facts for when you have the urge to try them out yourself.

To begin – what is an AI image generator and why are they used? Software programs known as AI image generators use text descriptions to generate images. Artificial neural networks that have been trained are used by AI picture generators to generate images from scratch. These generators are capable of producing unique, lifelike images from text input given in natural language.

With that in mind, here are the most popular and most efficient AI image generators of 2024:


ChatGPT Plus comes with an AI picture generator called DALL·E 3. It is very easy to use and yields consistent, realistic, and engaging results. To use this, you can tell ChatGPT what you want to see when using this image generator, and it will quickly provide you with four AI-generated alternatives to pick from. The program generates unique, realistic graphics based on text descriptions entered by users. Similarly, because it expands your instructions using ChatGPT’s linguistic comprehension, every outcome is ensured to be unique. You can use DALL·E 3 as often as you like if you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which is a good deal because you get enough AI for your money with the subscription.

DALL·E 3 also includes a plethora of fascinating features. For example, you can make larger AI art pieces with “out-painting”. Additionally, there is a feature called “eraser” that allows users to replace specific areas of an image with AI-generated features (sometimes referred to as in-painting). Last but not least, users own the images produced by DALL·E 3, thus they are free to reprint, sell, or merchandise the images as they see fit.

Pricing: ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 per month, includes DALL·E 3. DALL·E 2 has 115 picture credits for $15.


In Midjourney, outcomes are more captivating and visually appealing, and the images it produces have richer textures and unified colours. Compared to other AI picture producers, people and actual items appear more realistic and natural. Help documents are available to guide you through the process of getting started and utilizing all of its advanced capabilities, including the many model versions, image upscaling, image mixing, and the use of numerous parameters for control.

Nevertheless, Discord is the only way to utilize Midjourney. Once you join Midjourney’s Discord server or invite the Midjourney bot to one you control, you can enter a prompt by typing /imagine [whatever you want to see]. After that, the bot will produce four different versions of your prompt, which you may download, resize, edit, and do much more with. Every picture you create by default gets shared publicly on Midjourney’s Discord channel. It adds a nice community element to everything, but it also means that anyone who wants to look may see what you’re producing.

Pricing: The Basic Plan, which grants you the ability to create approximately 200 photos per month and commercial usage rights, starts at $10 per month.

Strings of colour come together to form a head.

DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion)

DreamStudio’s Stable Diffusion model is a quick and effective way to generate visuals from text by figuring out the connections between words and images. You can enter in a text prompt and press “dream” to begin creating high-quality images of anything you can imagine in seconds. DreamStudio has the distinct benefit of being the only well-known AI picture creator that still gives away free credits. In addition, it is an open source, so anybody with the necessary technical know-how can download and use it locally on their own computer. It also implies that the model can be trained and adjusted for certain uses. You have a great deal of control over all the many facets of using AI to generate an image using DreamStudio. There are sliders that let you choose the size of the finished image, how closely it resembles the prompt you give it, how many steps the diffusion model takes, and how many images are generated when you write in your prompt. To ensure consistent outcomes, you may also choose which version of the algorithm is used and even input a unique seed. You have the most personalization and control over the entire AI picture generating process with DreamStudio and Stable Diffusion.

Pricing: Free for 25 credits. From $10 for 1,000 credits.


This free and user-friendly text-to-image technology, called Visme , creates images from planned text input. The Text-to-image AI generator is available to users in any Visme project. You have access to a large variety of output types for creating images, including pictures, paintings, pencil drawings, 3D graphics, icons, abstract art, and more. Visme is an all-in-one application for content production and design in addition to being an AI picture generator. In other words, you can use your images in projects created in Visme.

All you have to do is use precise prompts and choose the one that corresponds with the project you are working on. With Visme, the combinations of AI graphics and content kinds are virtually endless. For instance, you can embellish infographics with icons, presentations with backgrounds, social media posts with 3D graphics, and more. With Visme’s animation and interactive capabilities, which include pop-ups, hover effects, special effects, GIFs, and interactive blocks, you can also give your photos motion and interactivity. Individuals and groups of any size can work together on online whiteboards, produce eye-catching visual content from scratch or using pre-made templates, and enhance visual business communication. Visualize any image or graphic and alter its appearance with the Visme AI TouchUp tools. With the help of this application, you may enlarge images without sacrificing their visual quality, erase and replace objects from your photos, and remove backdrops. It can also be used to unblur low-quality, smudged, or motion-blurred images. Executives and directors, HR, marketing/PR managers, sales and account managers, and training and development managers are just a few of the professional categories that Visme serves.

Pricing: Visme is a cost-effective option for individuals and small teams, with a free plan available for basic usage. The Premium plans are advantageous for larger organisations with more complicated design needs because they provide infinite prompts and extensive functionality.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an AI based tool created using Dall-E 2.5. It is great to generate templates, posters, and cards. Additionally, it can be used to produce graphics for presentations and slideshows. Similarly, it provides an alternate image upload option and lets users create images with text. It also offers a selection of several templates in a library. Text, colour, and layout can all be changed by users.

Pricing: With certain limitations, the Microsoft Designer web application is free to use. A full subscription with all services costs $69.99 a year.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a start-up company based in Ukraine that creates artificial intelligence-powered web services that enable high-quality image enhancement and zooming. Let’s Enhance lets users upload suggestions for photos and offers a variety of editing choices, including changing the image type, photo style, lens, mood, aesthetic, lighting, and artist style. Users can upload their photographs for editing or improvement using its photo upscaler and enhancer features. Its functions include enhancing clarity, boosting resolution, modifying saturation, resizing, regulating light, and enhancing quality. Images with AI technology appear more polished by eliminating noise and other flaws. Last but not least, users are permitted to use artwork for “any legal purpose” as long as it complies with the SD Licence, which specifies the circumstances and methods for using images.


An app called NightCafe Creator uses several AI art generation techniques. The tool uses an iterative process that allows users to continuously modify and regenerate images until they are satisfied with the final product, which produces its amazing graphics. NightCafe is a perfect tool for artists, designers, and creative aficionados because it can recreate a wide range of art styles. Users of the platform can also enjoy and share a vast collection of AI-generated artworks from the company’s library. Similarly, the platform is perfect for artists, digital artists, and designers of video games that wish to produce intricate, dynamic images and three-dimensional environments.

Initially offered for free, premium features are now available for more sophisticated functionalities. Your artistic goal will be intuitively understood by its AI algorithms, which will then translate it into actual imagery.

Jasper Art

Another AI image generator that transforms simple words and phrases into stunning graphics is called Jasper Art. It focuses on using input to create beautiful landscapes and portraits. This AI technique can generate distinct and artistic visual outputs as well as notable modifications of identical original arms. The ideal users or groups for Jasper Art are those who want to create artistic digital art, such as landscapes, portraits, and abstract pieces. It is great at replicating landscape and scenic art from simple text prompts, and users can adjust style, texture, palette, and even atmospheric conditions to suit their needs.

Pricing: Jasper Art operates on a freemium model. In addition to the Jasper subscription price, the pricing begins at $20 per month for each active team member.

Adobe Photoshop (Firefly)

One tool utilized in the realm of design is generative machine learning called Adobe Firefly, which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. This program can add AI-generated components to your photographs, recolor vector artwork, and create text effects based on textual prompts. Additionally, there’s a feature known as Generative Fill. To put it another way, you can use Photoshop’s standard tools to choose a portion of your image, and then you may replace that portion with another by just clicking a button and entering a prompt. Generative AI allows you to make animated, interactive images using Firefly. Prompters can simply modify the resulting image’s output with Adobe Firefly’s graphical user interface. Even while DALL·E and Stable Diffusion have sparked discussions about AIs that can create images, Adobe’s Firefly is the first AI photo generator that gives a real indication of what’s to come.

Pricing: Photoshop is offered as a free online beta, and the Creative Cloud Photography Plan costs $19.99 per month.


Fotor is a cross-platform picture editor that can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices as well as the internet as a web application. Text to image and picture to image are the two AI image generating modes available in Fotor. Additionally, Fotor is updated frequently to give users the most AI creation experience possible. It provides an increasing number of well-liked AI styles to meet different generational needs. It is simple to use and has an intuitive design that makes it easy to learn how to use its capabilities to create photos. It is more effective than other AI picture generators since it has a unique mode called “From Image.” When creating AI graphics, Negative Prompts is a really helpful tool that can assist you precisely customize what you desire. To receive AI-generated photographs without certain features, all you have to do in Fotor is write the prompts for what you wish to avoid.


Using artificial intelligence, Craiyon AI generates exceptional, unique graphics in response to text inputs. It can take text descriptions and turn them into creative and realistic images. Craiyon generates content based on text prompts entered by users. It is a scaled-down version of DALL-E from OpenAI. Individuals in the fields of fine art, graphic design, and marketing will find this tool useful. Users can create an infinite number of nine-image sets using this free and incredibly user-friendly tool. You can use “negative” phrases to make some things (like buildings) disappear from your search results.

Pricing:Craiyon operates on a subscription basis; basic plans start at $5 per month and go up to $20 per month (paid annually).

Deep Dream Generator

Using sophisticated neural networks and deep learning algorithms, the AI-powered Deep Dream Generator creates pictures from textual input. Google’s DeepDream project, which aimed to visualize deep neural network architecture, served as inspiration.

Users are given three image processing options. The first is called “text 2 dream,” and it allows users to create an image by entering a prompt. Users are provided with options such as AI model, face enhancement, aspect ratio, upscale, and enhancement to alter the image’s quality. They can also start from scratch and provide a base image. The second processing option is called “deep style,” in which users upload their own base image first and then choose from a selection of pre-selected style photos, such as Pieter Bruegel, Starry Night, and colourful abstracts. The “deep dream” processing option is the final option. When users upload an image, the AI transforms it into a surreal image featuring vibrant overlays of creatures like fish, birds, and frogs.

Now that you have been introduced to the top AI image generators of 2024, you can go ahead and try some of them yourself! Once you get the hang of the various features and parts, AI picture generators are incredibly enjoyable and simple to use.


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