Top 10 AI Assistants For Journalists in 2024


By squashlabs, Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Top 10 AI Assistants For Journalists in 2024

While work demand increases and deadlines are daunting, it may be difficult to work in a fast-paced environment – I mean, there are just a million things to get done! But, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an assistant around… did I mention they are artificial intelligence?

Hey journalists! In search of modern technologies and practices to boost your productivity? You’re certainly on the right avenue, then. AI is revolutionizing the journalistic landscape, introducing new levels of efficiency and precision to the profession. With AI, journalists can navigate vast seas of data to uncover that would otherwise be overlooked.

This blog will take you on a journey on some of today’s top AI tools and methods available to journalists. We’ll delve into how these resources can elevate your work and aid in your professional growth.


Quillbot is a handy AI paraphrasing tool for journalists. Its powerful algorithms can rephrase sentences, give synonyms, and generate new paragraphs. This allows writers to create content quickly and efficiently, increasing overall productivity.

This AI tool allows journalists to rephrase any text while ensuring that your content retains the correct vocabulary, tone, and style. Additionally, to hit the home run in the journalistic aspect, it also has a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and summarizer.

Quillbot has been deemed one of the top AI tools that all journalists should have. It offers multiple languages, sentence-level paraphrasing, and writing enhancement tools. It’s no wonder users say Quillbot helps journalists produce high-quality content quickly and without compromising accuracy or originality.

So, what’s there to lose? Get started with Quillbot today!

Pricing: free up to 125 words, premium: $19.95 when billed monthly

Jasper AI

Need an extra hand with writing anything, from social media content to SEO-optimized articles, Jasper has you covered! This AI writing assistant can help you create high-quality content with great efficiency. It’s designed to generate unique, long-form content that piques the attention of the reader and drives traffic to your writing.

Jasper AI is often used by journalists, marketers, and content creators looking to automate and enhance their writing forward. It is distinct from other AI platforms due to its unique brand voice and memory features that transform generalized content into specific writing.

Here are some key features of Jasper AI that can help with your writing process:

  • Offers a wide-range of writing templates for one-off tasks to long-form content
  • Unlimited word generation with any plan
  • Engages in interactive dialogue due to its ability to modify responses based on circumstances
  • Templates for 50+ cases
  • Long-form editor
  • Pattern recognition
  • Plagiarism detector

Perhaps one of Jasper’s most renown features includes Jasper’s Pattern Recognition ability. Jasper identifies your writing pattern to generate content that has a similar writing style to your very own, so it’s a pretty strong asset to have in your journalistic endeavors.

Pricing: starts at $49/month


This AI tool is a state-of-the-art powered writing assistant. Essentially, Pinpoint assists journalists in finding pertinent social media content with both swiftness and ease. Its advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms can detect keywords, topics, and mentions of interest from millions of posts in real-time – all this without sacrificing quality. Talk about efficient.

Part of Google’s Journalist Studio, Pinpoint leverages the capabilities of Google Search, AI, and machine learning to help journalists write and research material. This hybrid approach will definitely give you utmost accuracy with your journalistic work. Whether its for breaking news or investigative stories, Pinpoint can complete it with ease.

Further, features involving filtering relevant material based on location, sentiment analysis, hashtag engagement, language-specific search options, and historical data analysis. Additionally, it lets you upload and analyze a large sum of documents – up to 200,000 copies of different file types and sizes for each collection – extracting key entities.

Here are some key features of this unique AI:

  • Transcription of audio files
  • Ability to analyze a range of documents, including handwritten ones
  • Allows you to organize documents using custom labels
  • Integration with major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to provide real-time updates for breaking news

Pricing: free to use for both read-only versions and full access.


Want to create high quality content at an affordable price? Well, Rytr might be the perfect AI assistant tool you need! This AI-writing assistant with a range of features that equip you with the ability to create exceptional content. This includes blog posts, emails, and social media captions.

Essentially, Rytr is an all-in-one tool; it possesses excellent inbuilt editing tools to perfect your work to reach excellence. This AI will create accurate content tailored to your specific piece.

Some key features of Rytr include:

  • 40+ writing use cases
  • More than 20 tones of voice
  • Image generator
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Supports over 30 languages

Pricing: Rytr has a reputation for its budget-friendly pricing. There are 3 pricing plans:

  • Free: up to 10,000 characters/month
  • Saver: up to 100,000 characters/month, starting from $9/month
  • Unlimited: from $29/month

Effortlessly repurpose your journalistic content with AI! extracts specific content from audio and video files, then transforms it into small portions like social media posts, audiograms, and blog posts. The platform offers templates to select from, saving time when creating content.

The journalistic lifestyle is jam-packed, there’s no doubt about that. Skip the stress and affiliate yourself with this AI tool to improve audience engagement and further diversify content across platforms. Put simply, is highly rated and cost-effective.

You can experiment with different formats depending on the content. For instance, turn short videos into GIFS or image-quotes, or try different images with text for increased engagement and traffic to your platform. In any given case, this AI tool is excellent for automating workflows and auto posting social media. Enjoy the ease of mind this AI brings to your journalistic work!

Pricing: $25/month


Want to improve your journalistic productivity? Well, Lex.Page is an AI-powered language tool that supports journalists to create great content with simplicity. It provides accurate grammar, syntax, and spelling tips to improve the quality of writing. It has a user-friendly interface and incorporates essential features to save time whilst elevating writing quality.

This AI software proposes necessary changes or potential alternative phrases for more straightforward reader comprehension. It is definitely a useful asset to journalistic writing, generating content quickly and efficiently.

Finally, Lex.Page has a flexible pricing model, making it suitable for a variety of writers and journalists alike. Users often applaud this AI on its precision and efficiency performance.

Here are some pivotal features of Lex.Page AI:

  • Spell checker
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Keyword density analyzer
  • Readability analyzer
  • Tone detector

Pricing: charged by the amount of speech or text requests

Any journalist knows that social media strategy is a crucial aspect of the career field. Well, managing social media platforms may become hasty – given deadlines, schedules, and so forth. Well, can help you with that! provides users with clever insights on the best time to post, hashtags to utilize, and content ideas based on audience engagement data. Not to mention its extensive ability to provide social media scheduling and strategy suggestions, this AI tool can greatly expand your platform. Talk about efficient, right?

Get ahead of the game in today’s digital age by using to take your social media to the next level. With its convenient features and reasonable prices, it’s a must-have tool to better your work.

Here are a few other action items you can expect to have with

  • Providing social media scheduling
  • Collaboration with team members on posts
  • Personalized metrics for individual accounts

Pricing: free for up to 10 posts/month, paid plans starting to $15/month


Need a hand with audio and video journalistic tasks? Well, Descript might be the perfect AI tool for you! With this AI, you can edit recordings by script, remove filler words like “um”, “you know”, and “uh”, do overdubs, and access templates

Descript key features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Studio sound capability for quality recording
  • Access to premium stock media
  • Export 4k videos with ease and efficiency

Price: offers a free plan, yet other pricing plans include:

  • Creator: $15/month
  • Pro: $30/month
  • Enterprise: contact Descript for custom pricing


Narrativa Intelligence Suite is an innovative AI tool for journalists. It has the latest natural language generation (NLG) technology with the unique ability to create contextual narratives with structured data points.

This eliminates manual effort and allows journalists to focus on insights. It’s especially useful for media companies or newsrooms who need mass communication for readers. It’s a great tool for journalists to organize thoughts without using their brains too much! Talk about efficient.


Get real-time access to multilingual headlines, articles, and exclusive summaries with Connexun. This news and text analysis API tool uses B.I.R.B.A. (Brilliant Information Research Big-Data Algorithm), its proprietary AI engine capable of applying natural language processing (NLP), machine learning classification, and interlanguage clustering to filter information for different users and needs. B.I.R.B.A.L. is capable of totalling news, as well as classifying and summarizing content.

What makes Connexun so valuable in the journalism realm is its ability to track news in real-time. This allows the acquisition of strategic insight through AI-driven media intelligence, conduct marker research, and perform financial analysis. Take that for efficient!

Here are some valuable assets that only Connexun offers:

  • Machine learning classification
  • Interlanguage clustering
  • News topics ranking
  • Extraction-based summarizing

Pricing: $9.99/month

Use these AI tools to improve your journalistic technique this 2024!

Now that you know of all these vast AI technologies, it’s time to get acquainted with the tool that best suits your needs. This time, get rid of the need to do tasks AI can do seamlessly and see how your journalism flourishes!


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